Design everything you can dream of

Computer-aided design has come a long way since its early days when it primarily served as a way to document drawings. Even so, you still may not be using CAD to its full capabilities when it comes to exploring and changing your designs. Or are you?

Act and react

Parametric modeling allows users to build intelligent and reactive sequences of geometries in which engineers gradually capture their design intent. In this case, intelligent and reactive means the capability to create geometric objects that react to each other and behave as they would in the real world, rather than just on a computer.

So as you iterate and change your model, the software’s parametric modeling capability maintains consistent relationships between elements. So if you lengthen an I-beam within a model, all other model geometries change automatically in accordance with that new length.

Step up the game

CAD packages that offer direct modeling capabilities give you incredible flexibility in changing design geometry, letting you explore design possibilities you potentially hadn’t envisioned when building the original model.