Design complex models and scenes by day. Play your favorite games by night. All with the same #QUADRO graphics card!

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The boundaries between work and play are constantly shifting. Opening your laptop might take you on a different journey each and every time, from designing the most efficient propeller to creating a new game character or exploring Antarctica in VR. Posibillities are endless. Thanks to the latest Fujitsu workstations, powered by the most advanced generation of Quadro graphic cards, there is no need to switch computers or consoles. Your mobile or desktop computer will be your trusted companion, either for work or play.

The choice is entirely yours.


Virtual Reality (VR) is revolutionizing professional workflows with technology that makes it possible to work at scale. Holding virtual models in your hands, walking through entire virtual buildings, or rehearsing complex surgical procedures in virtual environments, are completely changing the way VR is used in the workplace.
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We are offering you the possibility to remodel your digital skills and combine your experiences into one single powerful package. From Manufacturing or Architecture industries, to Maya creation, Unity designs and developing games for the future, the latest Quadro package can take you on a daily adventure of discovery.

Desktop workstations

Quadro has long been the de facto standard for enterprise desktop graphics for digital designers and artists. There’s nothing your Quadro system can’t do! Quadro RTX Powered Workstations and desktop GPUs - like Fujitsu Celsius series - combine real-time ray tracing, AI, and advanced visualization to provide cutting edge features and performance for professional workflows, all powered by Quadro RTX.

Mobile solutions

On the portable side, Quadro delivers desktop-class performance to mobile workstations in incredibly powerful, thin, and light form factors. Tackle complex datasets with ease, render photorealistic images interactively, and develop life-like VR experiences on the go. Accelerate the most challenging workflows across industries and unleash the creative power of laptops built on NVIDIA Quadro RTX™

Step up the Game

Design complex models and scenes by day and play your favorite games by night, all with the same Quadro graphics card! Quadro Experience lets you tap into the power of Quadro to enjoy a great gaming experience after hours. Access popular NVIDIA GeForce Experience™ features and optimized game-player settings through your Quadro RTX™ graphics card for a phenomenal gaming experience.

Fujitsu Celsius R970

Fujitsu Celsius H780

Fujitsu Celsius M7010

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